The Act on intelligence passed by the Senate early 2015 a legalized what was done so far by information services illegal ways.

This is not a bad thing in itself since it's going to their allow to accelerate listens and evidence procedures.

This law comes out in a context of terrorism ( Charlie Hebdo ), and will make you lose individual freedoms, but apparently this is not serious since for Bernard Cazeneuve our Minister of the Interior "privacy is not freedom..

We are getting closer to a very similar system to that of the NSA, whose effectiveness has not been proven very often ( Intelligence Americans make a mass surveillance for a long time and yet Nothing could be done to prevent the tragedy of 11 September 2001 ).

In this text I speak not wiretapping but only what relates to Internet.

The problem in this new law, is that we completely eliminate the judges and it is our Prime Minister ( Emmanuel Valls ) who will take all the decisions instead of judges.

The «» boxes black "will be installed at all large french actors of the net : Orange - sfr - numericable - free - ovh - etc..

These boxes black will have the function of capture all data passing unencrypted on the network, thus establishing a distrust among all internet users, How about youthus preventing you speak freely on the network.

Imagine that you have someone spying on everything you say in the day and let you know : Would you dare to even say ?

Our freedom of expression take therefore a sacred 'smack in the teeth., knowing thatour data will be kept secure intelligence servers no time limit !

These boxes black will do more where less a behavioural study of internet users, and following the sites you will be visiting, wherever you write, You may find yourself on a list of people regarded as dangerous.

These are algorithms, so computers and non-humans, who will decide if you are potentially dangerous where non !

That the French Government wants to, is power predict the attacks until they occur, This is what is called predictive threat detection.

Presented as the Government introduces this law, can only agree with them.

But the big concern, is that our data will be backed up, and at the time that it will pass you it when a madman arrives to power ?

Ask yourself what could have made Hitler with all these data on each persons of his country where of the invaded countries ?

With a system like the intelligence law, the State will know absolutely everything you, even if you consider have nothing to reproach you for today.

If tomorrow we become a dictatorship as in China, where it will become necessary to revolt, What can do you if a mass surveillance has you in the eye without judgment?

A country where your mails and sms will be read ? A country where be against the established power might lead you to the death penalty ?

This law gives far too much power to the French State, too much data to you.

What you will be known to them, your sexual preferences, the sites you visit, with whom you discuss, your searches on Google (where other search engines), etc..

Imagine the Islamic State to succeed to take power in France, What will happen you it if they have access to a system like this?

Homosexuals will be hunted down and throw from the top of buildings, the Jews will be murdered, Christians also, gay Muslims will be hunted also, There will be no mercy.

And all these data will be on intelligence servers. They will only need to use ! You do not like it ? Me neither.

I decided for a long time protect me by encrypting my internet communications, through the use of a vpn that will change my IP for the sites I visit, In addition to strongly encrypt my communication of such kinds as even the services of information such as the NSA where French services ( DGSE and other ) not be able to know what I'm doing as write on the Internet.

Initially I grew rather from hackers and my ISP (I have no confidence in my ISP, because it can all know me), now It must also protect themselves from those who should protect us

I'm not a terrorist ! But I believe that my private life only looks at me and I did not want anyone can know what I search on internet, because sometimes it bizarre research concerning problems of our lives and that it has no desire that others be aware.

This is what is called the ' life private. !