Advantages of VPN

Implemented secure tunnel system in place by the VPN, makes it possible to Exchange data in an encrypted way and therefore totally secure. This feature is especially interesting if you used to use the many WiFi Hotspot poorly secured found in the country. Choose IdealVPN, to be able to use it on your shelf or on your smartphone in order to secure all of your connections.

This system also has another advantage, It allows to hide your IP address and therefore offer you total anonymity, particularly interesting if you want to download torrents without risk.

VPN tunnel sécurisé Etats-unis
Operating a secure VPN Tunnel

A VPN to take advantage of French television

A VPN is the perfect tool to protect data, but it will also allow expatriates to take advantage of French TV Live, and even video on demand services.

Indeed in choosing Idealvpn, you will be able to use a VPN server based in France that will provide you with a French IP address. This service allows to bypass geographical restrictions that block access to French television to foreign IP services.

A VPN for online play

Allowing you to bypass the geographical restrictions, a VPN opens the door of video services at the request of any country, but also offers access to all games online.

A VPN as IdealVPN who offers servers in France, so you can play poker with your french account, While most of the "French Room" block foreign IP addresses. On the same principle, you will be able to use servers that are normally accessible only to players from certain countries and thus enjoy games online free beta test period or version, as is often the case in the Japan.