But our article will help you to forget this incident, because it will help protect you from the supervision of Hadopi and all threats on the web.


The web is a great tool to download content and improve his knowledge. But the web is also a place where we may to steal his identity not to mention his computer hacking.

mail hadopiAnd we must also mention the danger of targeted advertising that records everything you do for the pleasure of advertisers who are always eager for the privacy of Internet users.

And as if that wasn't enough, There are also the Governments who want to civilize the web wanting to put a number and name on all Internet users. It seems that they have forgotten that these practices could degenerate very quickly.

In all cases, you use maximum protection to protect you from things such as mails Hadopi, pirates and Giants of the web who steal your privacy.


Lambdas users panic when they receive email Hadopi, because it is written so that the user believes that it has committed a very serious crime.

The worst is that you can be wrongly accused.

Indeed, It is common that your neighbors download illegally using your connection, especially if you have a Wifi network. As such, you are not only accused wrongly, but you may pay someone else broken pots.

We offer you our tutorial to bypass Hadopi but the first thing is that you need not fear this mail Hadopi.

One of the reasons is that it is just the first step of the Government response, but this mail Hadopi is an irrefutable proof that you are monitored on the web. Then, you will accept this intrusion into your private life or are you going to respond by installing a VPN.


Hadopi is not as powerful as it claims and in fact, the only way he has to identify you is your IP address.

An IP address is a series of numbers that identifies you to the network of networks. Either you or another who illegally downloads a file, Copyright agencies will save this IP as the origin of illegal downloading.

Then, they send this IP to our dear Hadopi who will request to your ISP SFR, Orange or France Telecom to identify the user of this IP address account.

And ISPs know each IP address with the user account and voila, how you received this mail Hadopi while quietly drink your coffee in the morning.

However the use of a VPN will hide this famous IP address… Subscribe has our formulas for total peace of mind.