The VPN :the bête noire of the Arjel ? We know that, the France legalized online gambling market since the 8 last June and french players can now play legally on online poker sites, sports betting and horse racing. At least, to be more fair, on sites that have been approved by the regulatory authority of the games online (ARJEL). Yet, It could be that many players have found the parade to access international poker tables with ease, or play on or even online casinos bet on sites that do not have the license from the Arjel game. For this, nothing faster than using a VPN (short for Virtual Private Network, which in french means virtual private network). The principle is simple, He is to pay a few euros per month private access to a network and choose the country that the person wishes to be virtually installed and the turn is played. For a simpler, a player living in France can access a virtual network and ask to be seen as connected from the Germany or France for expats. Thus, its IP address (identity card of the computer Ed) will be seen as being a citizen living in the country in question. Very widespread in France, the VPN which are interconnection of LANs via a technique of "tunnels" allows to circumvent the laws particular to play online or download illegally videos. Thus, a player of french legal Poker may well access the tables of Casino777 Mobile, and other international poker rooms and play against players from around the world (Unlike the same sites in extension .fr offering tournaments between french only as required by law)

Facing these VPN, What can the Arjel? That is the question that the answer should give of the handful of Jean-François Vilotte men, President of the ARJEL. The Arjel has t - it means to ask sites specialized in the rental of VPN block all people living in France and playing on sites that do not have the game license? The answer is no. Indeed, It will be impossible for the Arjel contact thousands of sites in the VPN demand such a request. On the other hand, Maybe the solution would come on the side of the French banks more easily controllable. I must say that the french players do not use all bank accounts and often have accounts on alternative methods of payment such as Neteller, Moneybookers, Click2Pay and so on.

Decidedly, the regulatory authority of online games still has a lot on the plate to track down still present online games sites on the French Web and more work to go to war against the sites providing VPN. The Arjel will find the parade to put an end to the VPN. It seems that the game is lost in advance. Stay tuned.


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