To make a good Test of a VPN, It takes good tools online ….

Some must provide you with the address and location of your new IP, others make download speed tests, and finally realise pings.

….. and test this VPN via your PC or Mac (Torrent client !!!)

For a good test online, make three transactions with your real IP address and in a second time with the IP of your VPN provider. Compare and say more figures closer, more VPN provider is quality.


  • Locate my new IP:

This operation is essential, knowing that one of the characteristics of a VPN server is to provide you with a foreign IP, that increases your anonymity.

=> GEO IP Tool: Utility online for its IP

=> IP-Adress: Another site for his IP4

=> Jay: Minimalist but effective because it specifies the host address


  • Download speed of the VPN:

It is important not to neglect. The VPN vendors encrypt the data passing, slowing down connections. It is important to promote the use VPNS that provide flow !!!

=> Speedtest.NET: Often use to speed tests. Provides Download and Upload results. Has the advantage of providing a text copy/paste that displays results

  • Perform a Ping Test:

Another essential operation, For Gamers, Online Poker, aficionados of the cat, the VoIP.... It is essential that the response time of the VPN is good to be in instant contact with the WEB.

=> PingTest: Practical tools which will also provide online results