I will try to explain to you in 6 specific points why you should use a vpn and what.

You should already be aware that a vpn is used to change his IP and encrypt the data sent and received by your computer/Tablet/phone (for ease I would say just computer or pc later)

1) Use a VPN for security :

A VPN adds a layer of security between your pc and the internet.

Indeed, using a VPN, This is no longer your pc that is the target of attack, but the vpn. And VPNS are generally very well secured to avoid their servers fall following an attack.

You will navigate as well in a more serene manner.

2) Use a VPN to preserve his anonymity :

Using a VPN, This is no longer your IP address which is known to the sites you visit, but the IP address of your VPN. The coup, the sites may not know in which country you are, or what is your internet browser, the resolution of your screen, etc..

Use the mode of private browsing your browser

3) Use a VPN to secure when connecting to public wifi :

When you connect to wifi networks public kind Mc Donald, stations, Airport, etc.. You can easily become the target of people wanting to retrieve your info.

Do not forget that you are all on the same WiFi access point, and it is very easy to sniff data traversing the network. A VPN can prevent this because the connection between you and the VPN is encrypted.

Thus no one can retrieve your sensitive data such as your passwords, credit card code, etc..

4) Use a VPN to bypass Government censorship of some countries :

When talking of censure, most of us automatically think of China.

This country is in fact extremely censored. But many other countries also censor the web, a less drastic course, but it can be extremely upsetting for you.

What horror of not being able to use FaceBook or Twitter, Google, Gmail, etc.. all of these tools that allow you to stay in touch with the world.

Using a VPN will be easy to circumvent this censorship because the services you want to use are not censored.

5) Use a VPN to bypass the blockage of some internet sites IP Geolocation :

Put, for example, you want to access to foreign channels videos like Hulu without be based in the United States, you will soon find you accounts that the videos do not want to begin, and that a message tells you that you are not in the correct geographic area.

These chains block access to their service to the residents of their country only.

You will need to use a VPN to change your IP address and there, o miracle, your video will be displayed without worry.

By the way, If you are elsewhere in France, French televisions sites videos will not appear either, therefore to choose a french server in the settings of the VPN will unlock the situation.

6) Use a VPN to bypass the clamps of sites :

Clamping of site is something you hear much in France at this time, especially because of the affair between Free and Youtube.

Clamping means, not blocking completely a site, but to partially accessible, see so slow that the service will become unusable.

It is a fact, Free flange Youtube, by reducing the speed of receipt of data, that prevents proper use of Youtube.

The loads are slow, very very slow, jerking videos, see downright does not load..

VPNS are therefore also used in this case there, to work around this kind of clamping.